"Zombie King" is the seventh episode of Justice League Action.


Solomon Grundy raises an army of zombies to conquer the world, and the Justice League only have until the eclipse of the moon to stop him.


Swamp ThingMark Hamill
BatmanKevin Conroy
ZatannaLacey Chabert
ConstantineDamian O'Hare
Solomon GrundyFred Tatasciore
Brother NightDan Donohue


On the night of a crimson moon when evil magic is strong, in a swampy area near New Orleans, Solomon Grundy comes out of hiding and goes to the grave of a voodoo queen. From it he extracts a diamond, the Star of the Dead, which he then uses to raise the dead from a nearby cemetery into an army of zombies that have to obey his will. Grundy declares that he will rule the world as king of the undead. However, Swamp Thing is near and tries to obstruct the zombies until Grundy batters him and goes off to the city with his army.

Swampy calls for backup and Batman responds. He in turn tries to assemble Zatanna and Constantine but they are caught in a struggle with Brother Night and say they will be delayed.

Swamp Thing protects the people in the city from the zombies while Grundy makes for the main cemetery, the City of Lost Souls, where he raises more undead. He intends to set up the diamond in the centre at the full eclipse in order to raise the dead worldwide. Batman arrives but together with Swamp Thing he is unable to get past the zombies and stop the diamond being placed on the central monument and has to be saved by Zatanna who now arrives too. The diamond gives off a purple glow that turns Batman, Zatanna and the population of New Orleans into zombies but Swampy, unaffected, grabs the diamond with a tendril and smashes it making the living to revert back to normal and the dead to collapse.

Swamp Thing and Grundy battle until Batman freezes the latter with something from his utility belt and thus captures him.


  • Batman says that he got the freezing weapons from one of his enemies, most likely referring to Mr. Freeze.
  • John Constantine, Zatanna, and Swamp Thing appear in this episode and are also known from the team called "Justice League Dark" in DC comics.


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