"Zombie King" is the Seventh episode of the first season of Justice League Action. It is the overall seventh episode of the series.

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Batman teams up with  Zatanna and Swamp Thing when Solomon Grundy tries to raise a zombie army with a magical gem that would also enable him to transform anyone into zombies.

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Lacey Chabert - Zatanna

Kevin Conroy - Batman

Dan Donohue - Brother Night

Mark Hamill - Swamp Thing

Damian O'Hare - John Constantine

Fred Tatasciore - Solomon Grundy

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  • Batman says that he got the freezing weapons from one of his enemies, most likely referring to Mr. Freeze.
  • John Constantine, Zatanna, and Swamp Thing appear in this episode and are also known from the team called "Justice League Dark" in DC comics.

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Justice League Action Zombie King Cartoon Network-0