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Template:CharacterVixen is a superheroine with the power of animals and a member of the Justice League. She is voiced by Jasika Nicole.


  • Tantu Totem: Vixen wields an object called the Tantu Totem, a fox-shaped talisman, which enables her to tap into the "morphogenetic field" of the Earth, sometimes known as the Red. This allows her to mimic the abilities of any animal she can think of, by simply focusing on a specific animal abilities and then drawing it directly from the field. She has demonstrated the ability to hold onto the Morphogenetic traits of an entire forest of animals. The Totem is not the source of her powers but rather helps her channel the power.
  • Animal Mimicry: Mari has the power to mimic the abilities of any animal she knows of, the ability apparently gives her intuitive understanding of the animals and what abilities they have that may be useful in the situation.[citation needed]
  • Morphogenetic Field Energy Manipulation: While the full extent of Vixen’s control over the Morphogenetic field is unknown, she has on occasions drawn pure energy from it and displayed this energy as a force field and energy claws. While in cooperation with Animal Man and the woman known as Tristess, she creates an entire universe.[3]
  • Power Replication: On occasion Vixen has shown she can not only emulate the traits of animals but also the metaphysical attributes pertaining to higher forms of fauna. She once emulated the powers of several metahumans and extraterrestrials such as Geo-Force, Flash, Black Lightning and Superman. She can even copy the skills and abilities of other non-powered individuals such as Arsenal and Green Lantern [4][5][6] This was a process caused by Kwaku Anansi in order to prepare her for future battles.


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