A female superhero, and member of the Justice League.


Vixen is one of the less frequently seen superheroes. She is shown as a young woman with colored skin and very short, straight hair. She wears a uniform yellow costume that covers most of her body and legs except that her shoulders and upper arms are bare. On the rest of her arms she wears long sleeve-like gloves and the sides of the body and thighs have a black and orange pattern (possibly animal skin). She wears a necklace of animal teeth or tusks over a plunging neckline.

Like most superheroes, Vixen is very agile and skilled in unarmed combat, but she can supplement this by temporarily adopting the abilities of certain animals in order to give her extra strength, speed, protection, or a short flight through the air. When she does this, a ghostly image of the animal surrounds her briefly.


Examples of the animals are: lion, tiger, rhinoceros, bear, armadillo, flying squirrel, and puffer fish - i.e. they can come from any part of the world.

Harley Quinn calls Vixen "beast face" as an insult.


17. Plastic Man Saves the World
25. Garden of Evil
37. The Ringer (cameo)
46. Party Animal (cameo)




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