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An evil pseudo-god from Apokolips, and likely member of Darkseid's Elite.


Virman Vundabar is seen as short and stocky with his dark hair cropped at the back in a military style. His face has a slight double chin and he wears a monocle over his right eye and squints with the other. He wears a red army jacket and red pants with long boots to give him the overall look of a Prussian officer. He announces himself loudly, speaking in a Germanic accent and mocking others with mad laughter.

He is from Apokolips and is likely to be a member of Darkseid's Elite. Vundabar says that he is the partner of Steppenwolf and, like the latter, it is likely that he has some military command duty. He tells us that the "impenetrable" computer system in the 'war room' in Darkseid's citadel belongs to him. In combat he protects himself with a box-like "kinetic force field" that redirects blows back at the assailant but gives way to gradual pressure. Although he threatens others, he does not appear to carry a weapon and probably relies on parademons to do his fighting.


10. Under a Red Sun



  • William Salyers is known for voicing Rigby from The Regular Show.