An evil demon, and one of the Brothers Djinn.


Uthool is an ancient demon that has blue skin with yellow stripes. He has pointed ears, a mouth full of sharp teeth, and a long thin tail. Although he can stand upright, he runs on all fours and can wear clothes as a disguise.

His power is the ability to take possession of another person's body and acquire their look and knowledge. Uthool can also transform into a large monster and, while also in possession of Batman, this has a look with a bat theme. It is able to fly and exchange blows with Superman.


Uthool has been held captive by the The Wizard in the Rock of Eternity, and after his escape intends to restore the Earth to the primeval state of his own time by using information gained from Batman .


1. Classic Rock (cameo)
3. Night of The Bat




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