• I live in a hole
  • I was born on January 6
  • I am Male
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My name is Khairiboss0601. I am the bureaucrat of Samurai Jack Wiki.


I often edit and contribute to different wikis. You can contact me on my favourite wikis section!

I often like to watch adult-orinated TV shows such as Rick and Morty (huge fan) and Stranger Things (again, big fan). However, i used to grow up when i was 6 and there was the DCAU.

I do like to watch films especially since i am a fan of the MCU, really love the The Matrix triology, the Godfather triology and the classic Spider-Man triology but my favourite series was Harry Potter (oh yesss, definetly).


I have decided to make a review about Justice League Action. Suprisingly, the content of JLA has been very good and i was really suprised because i thought JLA was gonna be like TTG: you know, voice actors return but there is no specific plot.

I really do like the series and glad to see the voice actors reprise their roles from their previous roles in DCAU.

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