"Under a Red Sun" is the tenth episode of Justice League Action.


Steppenwolf intends to enhance his reputation by destroying Superman, and he whisks him away to a planet with a red sun, but the Justice League have no idea where they have gone.


SupermanJason J. Lewis
BatmanKevin Conroy
Big BardaLaura Post
SteppenwolfPeter Jessop
Virman VundabarWilliam Salyers


Big Barda has detected the arrival of a squadron of parademons and another entity. She, Superman and Batman battle them in a warehouse. Superman spots a figure high up and knocks it down into the light - it is Steppenwolf. He suddenly opens a travel portal and takes himself and Superman away to a rocky, desert planet with a red sun.

There, Steppenwolf tells Superman that he intends to win favour with his master, Darkseid, by being immortalised as the one who killed Superman. His ray blasts cause Superman to retreat and he dons his astro-harness to go in pursuit assisted by two parademons.

Batman and Barda wonder where Superman has gone and they decide to go to Steppenwolf's planet, Apokolips, to rifle through his records. They travel there through a portal, enter Darkseid's citadel and go to Steppenwolf's war-room. They find that there are too many possible planets for them to locate Superman, and Virman Vundabar, Steppenwolf's partner, appears and opposes them. They threaten to crush him under a heavy weight unless he tells them where Superman is.

Powerless, Superman uses his scouting skills to avoid Steppenwolf and destroys the parademons. He then jumps on the flying Steppenwolf and causes him to crash and overpowers him even though he has broken his leg. Batman and Barda appear from a portal and they all leave together with the captured Steppenwolf.



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