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"Trick or Threat" is the thirteenth episode of Justice League Action.


A story for Halloween. Klarion the Witch Boy intends to trap the Justice League in the House of Mystery forever so that he can reign supreme when they are gone.


Kid Dr. Fate Erica Luttrell
Kid Batman Tara Strong
Kid Zatanna Dayci Brookshire
Kid Constantine Paula Rhodes
Batman Kevin Conroy
Zatanna Lacey Chabert
Constantine Damian O'Hare
Doctor Fate -
Klarion the Witch Boy Noel Fisher
Teekl -
Cain Trevor Devall


On Halloween, Cain, our storyteller, tells of the creepy House of Mystery of which he is the caretaker. He says that the House contains all sorts of terrifying things and can just appear somewhere and then vanish later. The children in the neighbourhood, trick-or-treating, are in typical Halloween costumes, but Cain points out four dressed as superheroes (Batman, Zatanna, Constantine and Dr. Fate) and says that they will experience the terrors of the House.

As the four kid superheroes walk through the streets they see an odd creature (a mix of boy and cat) being mugged by two older boys. The four intervene and chase off the bullies using authentic superhero moves, and the cat-boy tells them that the boys have been storing their loot in an old house (the House of Mystery). The foursome go there but the door is locked and the house appears to be empty. Following at a distance, the cat-boy is suddenly addressed again by the two bullies who ask for release, whereupon the cat-boy magically transforms them into rats and they scurry away. At the House, Kid Batman kicks down the door and he and the other three enter but can see or hear no one else.

The cat-boy follows them in and announces that they will be staying and magically closes and locks the door. He then makes the carpet underneath the kid superheroes roll up causing them to tumble into the interior of the house, and then unleashes its terrors (vampires, werewolves, etc). The four trapped youngsters hit and dodge their way past the monsters and retreat to a room full of stuffed exhibits that also come alive and attack them. Leaving the room, they push their way through the monsters outside and flee until they come to another room that is dark and has a large mirror in which they can see dim reflections of themselves as grown superheroes. Kid Zatanna feels that it is a "mirror of truth" that shows things as they really are and it begins to dawn on all of them that they are the real Justice League.

The room lights up and the cat-boy appears and sweeps them aside before transforming into Klarion the Witch-Boy and his purring cat, Teekl. Kid Dr. Fate and the others now remember that they had seen the House earlier and had intended to ensure that no one would be trapped in it when it disappeared. Klarion tells them that he has transformed them into 10-year olds to make it easier for him to seize the Helmet of Fate from Kid Fate, and he does so. He declares that, with it, he will rule as sorcerer supreme while the superheroes will disappear with the House at midnight. Kid Constantine hurls some red marbles at the helmet that make it hot and Klarion desparately takes it off and drops it. There is now a long scramble for the helmet with the monsters breaking into the room to join in. Kid Zatanna tries to cast a spell but cannot speak backwards due to her braces. Eventually Kid Batman retrieves the helmet and gives it back to Kid Fate who in turn commands the House to release them. The four are ejected outside as the House is about to disappear and, inside, Klarion and Teekl run after them still intending to take the Helmet but find the front door locked. The House is sucked up into a vortex in the sky, almost taking the kid superheroes with it.

The superheroes now reappear in their adult form and Constantine sees the key of the House on the ground. He picks it up and keeps it as though he intends to become the new caretaker. Finally, Cain reappears and reminds us to keep an eye out for the old house in future and says, as he laughs fiendishly, we will always be welcome as guests.

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Justice League Action - House Of Mystery - DC Kids



  • Despite being produced and naturally is the series' first Halloween special, this episode did not air in the UK or US in October. Instead, in the UK, it aired on December 24, 2016 (Christmas Eve) and in the US, it aired on March 18, 2017.

Cultural References

  • The plot of this episode is similar to the plot of the Justice League Unlimited episode "Kid Stuff". Both involve the Justice League (Batman being included in both) being transformed into kids then having to fight an evil magical child.
  • Throughout the episode, the young Constantine is constantly seen with a rock candy stick in his mouth, referencing the character's chain-smoking habit from the comic books (Constantine's smoking was omitted from the show due to its younger audience, among other aspects of his character).