A super-villain, and an enemy of the Justice League.


Toyman is exceptionally short like a child but has a normal-sized head with dark hair, and, from his name, must be an adult. He is dressed in a school uniform of sleeveless shirt, tie and shorts, and has a satchel on his back. He is excitably talkative, childishly mean, and has an immature obsession with toys and games. Superman says he is "maturity challenged".

To combat superheroes, he uses technology to make toys into weapons, and appears to do such work in his 'toyshop'. To take on the Justice League he has an army of out-sized, animated toys which are used for combat or for transport.


He can arm them with rockets and other weapons, but can lose control of them if Cyborg is able to hack them. Toyman can be accompanied by a disguised robot to enable it to infect the Watchtower's computer system with a virus. He has also developed a special helmet that, when placed on a person's head, brings them under his control, but it can be short circuited by an EMP weapon. Finally, he can turn existing action toys into weapons that either shoot or explode, but his fascination with toys can make him reluctant to see them destroyed.


11. Play Date
47. Watchtower Tours
Short 11. Toymano a Mano
Short 12. Mint Condition



  • In the comics, Hiro Okamura is actually a hero and member of the Justice League, while Winslow Schott, the original, was a villain.
  • Ken Jeong is known for playing Ben Chang from Community.


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