An immortal magician, guardian of the Rock of Eternity, and mentor to Shazam.


The Wizard appears as an aged man with long gray beard and hair, but the top of his head is bald. He wears a full-length cyan-colored gown with wide sleeves and a black sash at the waist. He sounds world-weary and self-important but manages sarcasm when being condescending to others. His name, he tells us, is Shazam but he is otherwise always addressed as "the Wizard".

He tells us that he is the occupant of the throne of the Rock of Eternity and is the "champion of the Earth and magic", and that his duty is to guard the various monsters and evils that are imprisoned in the Rock. Although he looks human, he is evidently many centuries old and refers to both Batman and Billy Batson as "mortals".

His powers are magical and involve shooting lightning bolts from his hands or granting super-powers to others, and as he casts a spell, he says a single word that sounds like "flaurem". He tells Billy that by shouting his real name, he (Billy) can transform into the superhero Shazam so that he can help him protect the Rock from threats like that of Black Adam. The Wizard gradually loses his powers when away from the Rock and is also weakened if his powers are trapped before they can reach and transform Billy.


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