Swamp Thing is a plant-like superhero and a member of the Justice League.


Swamp Thing is depicted with the rough shape of a human but is very tall (at least seven feet), bulky, and with the look of a monster. His dark green skin is decorated with swamp foliage and encircled with plant vines while his face is lit by bright yellow eyes and teeth. He speaks as though he is gargling with swamp water but is always good humored and surprisingly mild natured.

On a couple of occasions Swamp Thing tells us that he is a plant, and on another that the swamp is his domain - and appears to live in one near New Orleans. However, when he says, "Humanity. I do not miss it," it implies that either he was originally human himself or has at least lived with humans in the past.

His power is his ability to grow his plant mass rapidly and extensively by extending long tendrils from his body to encircle and grip people and other things.


This is done with considerable force and can smother the target so that even powerful opponents like Superman or Darkseid can be temporarily overcome.


He can also shoot seeds or cuttings at a target to make vegetation grow up around it.


Able to hide in undergrowth or water, he can suddenly spring up against a foe and, in defense, he can allow punches to pass into his body, and afterwards just oozes back into shape as though he is made of swamp slime.

Although Swamp Thing usually has legs and can walk, when travelling longer distances he can reduce down to mere undergrowth and make rapid progress by growing his way through the topsoil. He is vulnerable to becoming dried out (usually when hit by a heat beam) which causes him to shrivel and collapse, but can recover if he can extend roots out to a source of water. His Justice League signalling device is kept in a small plant pod in the palm of his hand.

In one story Swamp Thing falls under Poison Ivy's plant control, but it is not clear if that would always be the case. In response to being hit by her plant bombs (which may contain water) he grows to gigantic size.



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