"Supernatural Adventures in Babysitting" is the thirtieth episode of the first season of Justice League Action. It is the overall thirtieth episode of the series

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Klarion the Witch Boy intends to steal a powerful book of magic from a house where Stargirl happens to be the babysitter, but she will need the help of the Justice League to stop his magical villainy.

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Batman and Stargirl are involved in a fight with some villainous thugs in a warehouse but Batman can see that his colleague is not fully focused. As she checks her smart phone, Stargirl announces that she has a babysitting appointment to meet. Batman seems quite glad for her to go and carries on with the fight. Stargirl flys to the appointed house but knocks on the door in her everyday alias of Courtney. The owner, Mister Anderson, answers the door. He is a collector of antiquities and says is going to an auction. Before he leaves, he introduces his young son, Timmy, who has a habit of knocking over valuable antiques that Courtney has to catch using her superhero reflexes. Timmy decides that he wants to play hide-and-seek and runs off leaving Courtney searching for him.

At that moment, a window opens and in glides Klarion the Witch Boy with his cat (he calls it something like 'Teegle'). He declares his intention of finding and taking the Magdelene Grimoire just before Timmy runs up and asks him to play hide-and-seek. To get rid of him, Klarion asks him to hide and count to 8000. Once Timmy has gone, the Witch Boy hears Courtney coming and sends the cat to search for the Grimoire while he transforms himself into into a duplicate of Timmy. Courtney finds what appears to be Timmy searching amongst a library of books and throwing them around. To distract from the cat that is also there, this Timmy says that he is hungry so Courtney takes him to the kitchen. While there, the cat brings in objects for Timmy to see but out of sight of Courtney until the latter eventually spots it with an artifact and chases after it.

In another room in the house, Courtney corners the cat and tussles with it, knocking a book onto the floor. The fake Timmy arrives and identifies the book as the Grimoire but Courtney grabs him to take him out of the room. As Timmy breaks free he transforms back into Klarion and picks up the book. He casts a spell from it that projects flames at Courtney who dodges out of the room. She then calls Batman in the Batmobile showing him a picture of Klarion, and he tells her he is on his way. Courtney now dons her Stargirl uniform and answers the door to let in Batman accompanied by John Constantine and then conducts them to the room where Klarion is.

He is studying the book and has surrounded himself with a barrier which appears to be impenetrable. When Stargirl tries to attack him, the cat briefly changes into a feline girl who steals her rod. Constantine's attempt to pass through the barrier and take the book fails and Klarion responds with a series of spells to open and close portals that knock the three superheroes about. The real Timmy has finished counting and appears behind Klarion. When the latter blasts him away, Constantine is spurred to use a more effective spell that breaks the barrier. As baterangs fly in his direction, Klarion opens a portal to deflect them and then the tentacles of a monster appear and grip Batman and Constantine. Stargirl goes to hug Timmy but also recovers her rod just as the feline girl springs at her. She knocks it aside and grabs the book with the rod, throwing it to Constantine. Batman stuns the monster with bat-bombs which releases the two heroes but Klarion recovers and blasts Batman with a spell. As a ruse, Constantine hands over the book but then punches Klarion while he is distracted and regains it. Casting a spell from the book, Constantine causes the portal to close after the tentacles grip Klarion and the feline girl and drag them in. Constantine then casts a final spell to tidy the house to prevent Courtney getting into trouble.

Later, Timmy tells his incredulous father that Batman had been and given him a smart phone - it is presumably that of Stargirl to stop her using it while on League business. Also, outside, Batman and Constantine part and the latter conjures a portal to reveal some devilish temptresses and disappears into it.

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Kevin Conroy - Batman

Noel Fisher - Klarion the Witch Boy

Natalie Lander - Stargirl, Timmy

Damian O'Hare - Constantine, Mr. Anderson

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  • This episode share many similar theme elements from "The New Batman Adventures" episode "The Demon Within"
    • Both episodes have the appearance of Batman, a kid and the mystic hero.
    • Both also where heroes have to face against the battle with Klarion.
    • Both episodes take place at night.

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  • The branding iron that Teekl tried to bring Klarion while disguised as Timmy is the same one Klarion's counterpart used to separate Etrigan from Jason Blood in "The New Batman Adventures" Episode The Demon Within.
  • Stargirl and Klarion called John Constantine a "Hobo".

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