Supergirl is a female superhero and member of the Justice League.


Supergirl is one of the less frequently seen superheroes. Despite being from another planet, she has the appearance of a wide-eyed human teenager with blonde hair and wears her traditional costume except that it has thigh-high boots and a pleated skirt. As a person, she is youthful, responsible, and shows much affection for her cousin Superman.

It is obvious that her powers (flight, super-strength, etc.) and weaknesses are identical to those of Superman, and, in an alternate timeline story where the two are hostile, neither can gain an advantage in a prolonged fight.

Supergirl is said to be a survivor of the destroyed planet Krypton and that her real name is Kara Zor-El. She is familiar with her cousin Superman whom she is seen visiting on the Kent Farm and keeps Streaky the Super-Cat as her pet. Superman tells us that she is older than him which is likely to be explained as a time-travelling anomaly caused by her journey from Krypton.

In the alternate timeline, we see a more vain version of her wearing a slightly different costume.



46. Party Animal (cameo)
50. Keeping up with the Kryptonians
51. Unleashed
Short 20. The Goddess Must Be Crazy



  • This version of Supergirl resembles her counterpart from the Arrowverse.
  • Her adopted name of Kara Danvers is never used.


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