A superhero cat belonging to Supergirl, and a member of the Justice League.


Streaky the Supercat has the form of a marmalade/ginger cat with a white lower face and tail tip, and has white streaks along each flank in the shape of lightning strokes. It (the gender is never stated) wears a red cape with a 'super S' symbol on it that is tied around the neck and pinned with a pendant. Streaky, when on its own, can be seen fighting criminals on the streets of Metropolis but, as the pet of Supergirl, is very placid in her company.


It has similar powers to Superman and Supergirl as we see that it can fly and, from combat, that it has significant strength and invulnerability. It makes frequent use of its heat vision against foes. The pendant can receive an alarm signal from Krypto and possibly from other members of the Justice League too.


51. Unleashed




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