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An evil 'pseudo-god' and likely member of Darkseid's Elite.


Steppenwolf is shown as tall, very broad, and powerfully built, and his fair-skinned face has red eyes and a sparse oriental moustache. He wears a stiff, dark green vest (body armor?) over lighter green covering for his arms and legs as well as gloves and long boots. On his head he wears a tall Tartar cap and his dress is completed with a long cape. He speaks with a deep, mature voice that has an arrogant and overbearing tone, and has the opinion that he is a genius. He grits his teeth either in determination or cruelty.

He is from Apokolips and it is implied that he is one of Darkseid's "inner circle". Steppenwolf has a "war room" in Darkseid's citadel which suggests that he holds a military command, and that is reinforced by his association with the militaristic Virman Vundabar and by the parademons that accompany him on his operations.

Steppenwolf is tough and physically powerful but does not appear to have any special powers, and can be incapacitated by an electric shock or tied up to be taken captive. For combat he carries a collapsible pipe-like gun that can extend an ax blade from the side of the muzzle, and he can carry a 'Mother Box' for convenient travel or abductions. For mobility he makes use of what he calls an "Astro-Harness" which is a hovering metal frame on which he stands in a slightly crouched position and has a pair of forward-firing guns by the handle bars.

He has a desire to gain an "immortal" reputation for having destroyed Superman in order to impress Darkseid.


10. Under a Red Sun