A female superhero, and member of the Justice League.


Stargirl is one of the more prominent members of the Justice League in this show. She is depicted as a teenage girl with blue eyes and long blonde hair reaching to her ankles, and is seen to be diminutive in stature when standing alongside adult characters. As she is young, her facial expression is often nervous and unsure. She is dressed in a dark blue body suit that covers her arms and body but is cut short at the upper thighs to leave her legs largely uncovered. It is decorated with large white stars on the shoulders, chest, and thighs, but not on the arms and back. The gloves, belt, and boots are in a matching burgundy color.

Her powers come from a golden staff that she brandishes in her gloved hands. At the top end, it has a head with a point, an edge, and a hook like a medieval polearm, and at the bottom is a pointed knob. In the middle is a control panel that the superheroine is rarely seen to touch.


Stargirl only has to grip it to be able to float in the air. However, when travelling at speed, she prefers to stand on it like an aerial surfboard.


When it is ready for action, the staff has a translucent white sphere around its head and, in this state, it can be used offensively by projecting ray blasts and defensively by sweeping aside gun shots.


The staff can surround Stargirl with a defensive bubble and this can also be projected outwards to surround and pick up someone or something. Stargirl can use this to hurl a heavy object like a construction vehicle over some distance with considerable force.


Stargirl can also appear in her everyday guise of Courtney with her hair tied back.



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  • Stargirl is voiced by Natalie Lander, who previously voiced her in Infinite Crisis.


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