A female super-villain, and member of the Ivy League.


Star Sapphire is a minor character appearing in one of the short episodes. She is shown as an adult woman wearing a tight, purple costume with only the upper arms and thighs uncovered. There is a white 'starburst' attachment covering her neck, shoulders, and chest. On her head she wears a device that is part tiara and part facemask from which her hair streams out behind.

Her powers come from a violet-colored power ring on her right hand (she is not said to be a Violet Lantern) and this is similar in operation to Green Lantern's in that it causes a colored glow around her body probably for protection. It can project hard constructs for attack or defense or can just shoot a ray blast, and the ring must be the cause of her ability to fly.


Short 7. Quality Time



  • Star Sapphire appears in every episode during the opening sequence.
  • It is unclear if she is intended to be Carol Ferris, Deborah Camille Darnell, or another bearer of the Star Sapphire title. Though Carol Ferris is the most common and well known version of the character.
  • She was originally going to wear a outfit that was more revealing, but was probably cut due to being inappropriate for younger viewers. Although she is redesigned for better content.
  • She is the only female character that has her eyes blanked out (only whites with no pupils) like some of the male characters have.


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