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An undead monster, and enemy of Batman and the Justice League.


Solomon Grundy is tall, broad, and heavy, and has the looks of a Frankenstein-like monster with gray hair. His black jacket and trousers are torn and ragged and are too short for his arms and legs. In a deep voice, he speaks in a simple, childlike way as though suffering from brain damage, and his main motivation is only to fight his enemies. Batman calls him a "soulless undead animal" and he identifies with the undead, declaring himself to be their king in one story. Grundy still has enough conscience and goodness to recognise the spirit of Christmas and to show kindness to children.

His powers are just his bulk, aggression, and immense strength which make him a general hand full - and perhaps also his inability to be killed (because he is undead). He can get the better of Swamp Thing in a fist fight but can be wrestled to the ground by Batman. Also, Green Arrow's tranquilizer arrows can bring him down, and he can be frozen by a bat-bomb. It is possible for him to be held in captivity as we see him in a cell at Arkham Asylum and are also told he can be kept at S.T.A.R. Labs, presumably for experimentation.

Solomon Grundy can be knowledgeable on arcane matters as when he uses the Star of the Dead diamond in conjunction with a mystic eclipse to create zombies.


7. Zombie King
40. E. Nigma, Consulting Detective
46. Party Animal



  • The name of Solomon Grundy comes from an old nursery rhyme about a character whose seven main lifetime events occur on different days of the week - including his death and burial. The comic book Grundy adopts the name because he can only remember that he was born on the same day of the week.
  • Fred Tatasciore also voiced The Hulk.