An alien super-villain, and leader of the Sinestro Corps.


Sinestro is an enemy of Green Lantern and the Justice League. We see him as a humanoid alien with reddish-purple skin and pointed ears. His personality is one of haughtiness and arrogance and is dismissive of his superhero opponents, but we are not told what his objective is. In combat, he makes use of a yellow power ring to project solid constructs, and these often take the form of scary beasts though he can get by with a simple club.


Like all power rings, his has to be recharged from a special battery, but Sinestro is able to rig it so that it is continually charged from the battery of his microscopic minion Despotellis - unless the Justice League interfere. The yellow ring induces fear in anyone that gets too close, but the association of Sinestro with the emotion of fear is not elaborated upon.


37. The Ringer




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