"She Wore Red Velvet" is the fifty-second episode and the first season finale of Justice League Action. It is the overall fifty-second episode of the series.

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When Booster and the JLA come under attack by a mysterious and unrelenting new villainess known as Red Velvet, Booster comes to realize she's actually the fiance he left at the altar in the future.

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Diedrich Bader - Booster Gold

Kevin Conroy - Batman

Chris Diamantopoulos - Green Arrow

Rachel Kimsey - Wonder Woman

Dania Ramirez - Red Velvet

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  • The episode's title is a reference to the opening lyric of Blue Velvet, a 1950 love ballad popularized by Bobby Vinton's 1963 cover of the song.
  • The Batman fanboy compliments Red Velvet's costume and in a fourth-wall leaning reference, asks if she is an "Elseworlds Harley Quinn". Elseworlds was a comic book line which took DC characters and placed them in different settings of alternate universes and timelines. The series laid the groundwork for DC's 52 parallel Earths in its modern multiverse. This seems to imply that comic book series exists as a publication in the Justice League Action universe.
  • Booster Gold jokingly refers to the Batman fanboy as "Bat-Mite" when he asks who he should make his autograph out to when signing the fan's copy of his latest book. Bat-Mite was a character from the Silver Age Batman comics, a being from the 5th Dimension and was Batman's biggest fan. Bat-Mite often tried to help Batman, usually with disastrous results.
  • One of the disappointed fans thought Booster Gold was Animal Man. This is a callback to a running gag in the Justice League Unlimited episode "The Greatest Story Never Told", where people mistook Booster Gold for Green Lantern.
    • Animal Man is a DC comics superhero character with powers similar to Vixen, in that he can tap into the abilities of animals. Animal Man has blond hair like Booster and a similar goggle lens face mask with blue and yellow colors as part of his costume, so it is easy to see why the fan was confused.

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