Shazam is a superhero and a member of the Justice League.

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Shazam is the adult superhero that the young boy called Billy Batson transforms into by shouting the magic word "Shazam!" Although tall and with the build of a muscular adult, Shazam still has a youthful face. He wears the usual red-and-yellow costume with a white lightning stroke motif down the chest, and with a long white cape but without a hood. Although Shazam makes a show of being mature and responsible, he often slips into the juvenile enthusiasm of his younger alter ego.

His powers are magical in origin but are purely physical in application and he is not seen to perform magic himself. He can fly, his strength is implied to be comparable to that of Superman, and he tells us that he is "almost invulnerable". His powers are less varied than those of Superman and he tends to resolve combats with his fists only, though on one occasion he discharges lightning from his body against an opponent.


Shazam's abilities have been granted to him by the magical character called The Wizard - no reason is given - and are obtained by the young Billy shouting the magic word skywards followed by a bright and noisy flash of lightning that strikes him. The reverse process is similar. Shazam can also trail lightning behind him as he moves around at speed.

Initially, he is not a member of the Justice League - although Billy has heard of Batman - but with the successful conclusion of the struggle with Black Adam at the end of the fourth episode he is invited to join, and in later stories appears as a regular member.

Billy Batson usually makes an appearance in Shazam's episodes.


It would appear that he is an orphan as he says that his uncle, Dudley H. Dudley, is "the closest thing to real family" that he has.

Appearances[edit | edit source]

1. Classic Rock
4. Abate and Switch
29. Mxy's Mix-Up (cameo)
46. Party Animal (cameo)
49. Captain Bamboozle
Short 19. Skyjacked (cameo)
Short 22. Clown Party

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