Template:Episode"Selfie Help" is the eighth Justice League Action short.


Space Cabby lands in the Watchtower, after giving Batman a ride from New Geneis to Earth, mentioning that the cost is $38,000, or as an alternative method of payment, one selfie. Batman responds that his wallet is upstairs as the driver takes the picture only to find the Dark Knight has disappeared. He then finds Booster Gold.

Cabby suddenly hears a loud boom from the door near him, unable to stifle his curiosity. He enters the room to discover Wonder Woman in a practice match with Parademons holograms.

In the ensuing fight, a Parademon launches black-slime at Diana with a canon. The slime plasters itself over Diana's mouth and wraps itself around her head, gagging her. As the stunned Diana fidgets with her gag, a second blast of slime binds her arms together.

The bound and gagged Wonder Woman is easily overwhelmed by the Parademons. Much to her surprise, Cabby comes to her aid, using his camera's flash to blind the Parademons while she frees herself. With her arms unbound, she finally defeats the Parademons.

Landing, Diana tears off her gag, ends the simulation and thanks the intergalactic cab driver for rescuing her. He responds that he actually only wanted a selfie as Batman returns with money to pay him for his ride.


Diedrich Bader - Booster Gold

Kevin Conroy - Batman

Rachel Kimsey - Wonder Woman

Patton Oswalt - Space Cabby

Dana Snyder - Plastic Man


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