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A reformed villain, and a rival of the Joker.


The Riddler appears as a slim man of medium height with a narrow face that has a hooked nose and long pointed chin. He wears a tight green suit with purple shirt and tie, and on his head he has a green bowler hat. The only question mark symbol visible is the shape of the handle on the cane or walking stick that he always carries, and as he speaks he gesticulates by twirling the cane frequently. He is obsessed with baffling riddles and says that he leaves them all over town for Batman as a gimmick and also boasts that he always knows the solution to any riddle. This can be a problem for him as he cannot resist solving them even when he should.

In his only story, he has been in Arkham Asylum but has been released having apparently been cured of his villainous ways and tells us he has gone straight and now earns his living as a consulting detective. However, Green Arrow still considers him to be a certifiable criminal.

In combat, Riddler uses his cane to hit and hook onto opponents, and spins it above him threateningly as he leaps forwards.


40. E. Nigma, Consulting Detective