"Repulse!" is the fifteenth episode of the first season of Justice League Action. It is the overall fifteenth episode of the series.

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The Justice League are opposed by a villain called Repulse (actually Luthor) who infests Superman with dangerous nano-bots that can only be removed out in space. Other League members follow to help save their colleague.

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Superman and Wonder Woman are on a romantic restaurant date but under their aliases of Clark Kent and Diana Prince. As Diana goes in for the kiss, Clark hears a commotion in the street and leaves.

Outside, he sees the police in a battle with a dark figure inside a transparent purple sphere, but their shots bounce back off it and when it expands suddenly, knocking over cars, they flee. Superman, joined by Wonder Woman and also Hawkman, confront the figure who tells them he is called Repulse. All of the League's attacks bounce violently off the sphere. Superman burns a hole in the street and Repulse falls into the sewer and floats away. Superman follows, corners the villain and, by putting his hand slowly through the sphere, grabs the figure inside whose appearance changes to that of Lex Luthor. As the material covering Luthor drips from his hand, Superman takes him to the police outside.

In congratulations, Wonder Woman moves in for a kiss but is continually repelled from Superman. The latter's appearance gradually changes to that of Repulse and as the sphere grows bigger it becomes a threat to everyone and everything around. Superman decides to fly off into space and he disappears.

Wonder Woman and Hawkman visit Luthor in his prison cell to get an explanation. They rough him up and he tells them that Superman has been infested with millions of nano-bots that feed off his energy, making the repulsion ever stronger; they can only be removed by an immensely strong gravitational force.

Wonder Woman, Hawkman and Luthor take the League's spaceship and locate Superman near a black hole that has asteroids falling into it. Superman, now surrounded by a huge sphere, flies close to the black hole and the repulsive energy begins to drain away. But Luthor escapes in the fighter module and opens fire on Superman forcing him down towards the black hole. An asteroid smashes the module and Luthor also falls downwards but Superman brings him inside the sphere as they enter the black hole. Surprisingly, the repulsive force stops them from being crushed and, as they resign themselves to their fate, Wonder Woman's lasso appears and she hauls them out just as the last nano-bots are sucked away. As the League puts Luthor in cuffs, the black hole evaporates in an explosion caused by the nano-bots.

Later, in the restaurant, Diana moves in for a kiss and is still repelled from Clark, but this time by his garlic breath.

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Troy Baker - Hawkman

Rachel Kimsey - Wonder Woman, Diana Prince

Jason J. Lewis - Superman, Clark Kent

James Woods - Lex Luthor, Repulse

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Lex Luthor:"You should have been called The Man of Stand Up!"

Lex Luthor:"This should contain enough fire power to launch"big blue"into the black!"


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Justice League Action Date Night Cartoon Network

Justice League Action Date Night Cartoon Network

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