A female super-villain from the future, and former wife of Booster Gold.


Red Velvet is from the 25th century and has returned to the present day to seek revenge on her husband, Booster Gold, for ruining her life. She wears a tight, dark red costume with yellow decorations that covers her arms, legs, and body, and on her tanned face she has a mask across her wide, dark, staring eyes. Her big shock of white hair and her statement that she was married long enough to see Booster Gold go bald would suggest that she is an older adult woman. She speaks with a husky, Latina voice.

Red Velvet's powers include flight, time travel, and the ability to shoot red ray blasts from a ring on a finger of her left hand. Booster Gold initially speculates, incorrectly, that she must be a Red Lantern, but the ring is never used to project hard constructs.

We see a younger version of her as Booster Gold's bride, Margot Montgomery, where she has dark hair.


There is no permanence to Red Velvet as we see her fade out of existence at the end of her episode due to a change in history.


52. She Wore Red Velvet



  • Her existence is a form of the grandfather paradox, as Red Velvet stops herself from marrying Booster Gold and prevents her from becoming Red Velvet in the first place.


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