A superhero, and member of the Justice League.

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Red Tornado is an android with the appearance of a tall, well-built human male and wears a red costume with yellow decorations that covers his entire body and includes a long blue cloak with a large, upright collar. His voice has the halting, tinny sound of a machine but he is characterful enough to express himself with humor.

His power is his ability to generate a cyclone-like wind which usually surrounds the lower half of his body and is the same color as his costume.


We are never told how it is generated but it must be the cause of Red Tornado's ability to fly and can be used as a battering ram against an opponent. This whirling cyclone can also become detached from his body and he can extend the tornado effect to sweep up and trap multiple foes.


As Red Tornado is seen working with technology in the Watchtower, this may be a speciality of his.

Appearances[edit | edit source]

21. Inside Job
46. Party Animal (cameo)
49. Captain Bamboozle

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