An evil demon, and member of the Brothers Djinn.


Rath is a demon from the Earth's prehistoric past, and is tall and broadly built with purple skin that has occasional brown markings together with a tuft of brown hair on his head. He speaks with the same Cockney accent as his demon colleagues but does not say much, and is used to do the heavy work - like gathering up fallen superheroes. He can perform magic.

Like the other four Djinn, he starts out imprisoned on the Rock of Eternity but is released onto Earth to carry out the plan to return the planet to its primordial state. Finally, he is made to fall through a travel portal and it is not clear where he has disappeared to.


1. Classic Rock (cameo)
4. Abate and Switch



Because Rath is named but not indicated in the show, we have to rely on identifying the actor's voice.


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