A part of the superhero Firestorm, and a former nuclear scientist.


Professor Stein, in a nuclear accident, has become fused with the teenager called Ronald to make the superhero Firestorm. He can now only be seen in the mind's eye of Firestorm as the disembodied head of a balding, grey-haired man (probably middle-aged) and framed with the atomic symbol behind. Also, the Professor's voice can only be heard in the mind of Firestorm, but the latter speaks out aloud in their frequent conversations. The Professor occasionally intervenes to provide technical, scientific information but also acts as the parental supervisor of the teenage superhero.

In a flashback, we see the Professor as a scientist or engineer at a nuclear plant before the accident, and in another story we see him temporarily split from Ronald in his original, portly shape and in a jumper.


Firestorm, particularly when he is unconscious, can also see him in this form in his mind. We are also told that the Professor was at college with a very young Michael Holt (later Mister Terrific).


6. Nuclear Family Values
18. Field Trip
20. Freezer Burn
23. Double Cross
25. Garden of Evil
29. Mxy's Mix-Up
34. The Cube Root
38. Forget Me Not
Short 3. Chemistry
Short 13. True Colors




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