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== Plot ==
== Plot ==
Wonder Woman tells Superman to take care of the prison destabilized by the takeoff while she follows Kalathoth, who lands in a park and proceeds to create a volcanic rift by stabbing the ground with a sword from his back. Wonder Woman attacks him, and Jimmy arrives on a motorcycle. As he films the battle, he was nearly crushed by Kalathoth being thrown through a tree but decides the views he's getting on his video is worth the risk. Kalathoth begins to get the upper hand and started to create a volcano out of the ground after throwing Wonder Woman to the horizon.
Wonder Woman returns and uses her lasso on him, forcing him to recite his plans to change the world's landscape. Superman arrives and attacks him.
== Cast ==
== Cast ==

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Template:Episode"Power Outage" is the first episode of the first season of Justice League Action. It is the overall series premiere of the show.


Superman and Wonder Woman must figure out how to defeat a mighty villain after they both lose their powers.



Kevin Conroy - Batman

Jason J. Lewis - Superman

Rachel Kimsey - Wonder Woman

Crispin Freeman - Martian Manhunter



Cultural References



File:Justice League Action Premiere Clip feat. Superman, Wonder Woman and Parasite
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