Poison Ivy


Poison Ivy is a female super-villain, leader of the Ivy League and a enemy of Batman.


Poison Ivy, in this version of her, is an adult woman with pale white skin and long, red (literally) hair. She wears a short, green dress with a ragged lower hem that suggests hanging foliage, and its off-the-shoulder style together with the large leaf in the style of a beret on her big hair gives her the look of a Hollywood vamp of the 1940s or '50s. She speaks with a mature voice and has a confident, relaxed manner.

Her powers are of two types. Firstly, she can control vegetation (including seaweed) and cause it to grow into monstrous, animated forms that can grip people or things in giant tendrils, trap them in the jaws of large Venus Fly Traps, or shoot seeds as though they are darts. Secondly, she can infest people with spores to cause them to fall under her mental control. These spores are stored in her hair and lose their effect if her hair becomes wet. Similarly, her ability to control plants can be blocked by dumping a chemical formula over her head. Swamp Thing can also be controlled by her because he/it is a plant. In combat, in addition to controlling plants, she can fashion vegetation into weapons like a whip or a pitchfork.

Poison Ivy is seen on three occasions to form a team with Harley Quinn and on another has her own team, the Ivy League, which does not include Harley. Her base of operations is Gotham City, a place that she has the intention of bringing under her control, but is sometimes said to be incarcerated in Arkham Asylum instead.


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