"Plastic Man Saves the World" is the seventeenth episode of Justice League Action.


Brainiac intends to shrink Metropolis down into a bottle before he destroys the Earth, so the Justice League reluctantly allow unreliable Plastic Man to go inside the villain's spaceship in an attempt to foil the plan.


Plastic ManDana Snyder
SupermanJason J. Lewis
BatmanKevin Conroy
CyborgKhary Payton
VixenJasika Nicole
BrainiacJohn de Lancie
RobotFred Tatasciore


Brainiac attacks in his flying saucer intending to shrink down Metropolis into a bottle and destroy the Earth afterwards. As he floats in the air, he sends a swarm of spherical drones to battle Batman, Cyborg and Vixen on the ground who do well until the drones adapt to the superheroes' methods, forcing the latter to dive for cover. Then Superman arrives and threatens Brainiac but he is blasted with a kryptonite ray and falls downwards. He and Batman agree that they need someone to deal with Brainiac's spaceship but are not impressed when the zany Plastic Man volunteers his services.

His initial attempt to disperse the drones is laughable. He then decides to stretch upwards from the Daily Planet building and enter the spaceship but his approach is detected and he retreats. Disguised among a flock of ducks he eventually reaches the ship and oozes through a grille and on to a room that has other shrunken cities in bottles. Outside, Superman can't overcome Brainiac who orders the shrinking process to begin.

Plastic Man goes to the control room to stop the countdown and, although the robots there dismiss him as an insignificant threat, destroys them in a fight. Speaking to Batman and Superman through the intercom he says he can't fly the ship because the controls have been smashed in the fight and can't gain access to the ship's computer to stop the shrinking ray. Against their protests, he decides go inside the ray device and expand himself to destroy it. The entire ship detonates in the air and disappears leaving the Justice League to mourn the loss of one of their own.

But Plastic Man floats down like a giant balloon and delivers all of the shrunken city bottles safely. The captive Brainiac unexpectedly honours him as his most potent enemy.



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