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A superhero and a member of the Justice League.


Plastic Man is the main comedy character of the show and is shown as slim and of medium height with a mass of dark wavy hair on his head. His red outfit is in the style of a leotard or swimming costume with sleeves. There is a belt of black and yellow bands at the waist, and he has dark goggles tied around his head. In character, he is talkative and eccentric, always trying to make a joke of everything which makes it difficult for his colleagues to take him seriously. Within the Justice League he is not always held in high regard and is told that he is outranked by the Watchtower's computer and by Krypto.

His power is his ability to distort the size or shape of his body in different ways and extents. One is to stretch his torso or limbs (or even his ears) to great length to grip or ensnare a foe or to reach up to a great height.


He can also use this to punch or kick with great force, and he often extends his neck in ordinary conversation. His body and limbs can be coiled into springs to allow him to bounce along the street or to propel himself high into the air, and he can stretch back like a catapult to be hurled at an opponent. Another type of distortion is where Plastic Man blows up like a balloon to be able to hold a prisoner, to contain the force of an explosion internally, or just float in the air.


When passing inside a device like a robot or gun, he can burst it open by expanding himself.

A major ability of his is to change shape to represent any object. Examples are: types of people (golfer, matador), animals (duck, rat, giraffe), inanimate objects (boxing glove, cat litter tray, snow sled, fire hydrant, pizza in a box), Deadshot's gun, and Wonder Woman's lasso. On almost all occasions when he does this, the object still has the same color scheme as his costume.


However, a few times he completely mimics the look of a person (Superman, Two-Face), particularly after he says he has recently "learned to do colors". He tells us that the color scheme is just a pattern on his body.

Plastic Man appears to have general vulnerability as he always dodges shots either by stretching out of the way or by opening holes in himself to let them pass through.


However, on one occasion he swallows an RPG round and absorbs the explosion.

His body sometimes has a more liquid consistency so that he can ooze through a grille and then reform himself.


When he gets hit by a Red Lantern's power blast he helplessly dissolves into a puddle.

After Plastic Man foils Brainiac's plan to shrink Metropolis, Batman and Superman have to admit that they have misjudged him and now recognise him as an effective superhero. Even the analytical Brainiac is forced to assess him as a major threat.


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  • This version can change his colors to impersonate someone.