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"Party Animal" is the forty-sixth episode of Justice League Action.


A story for Christmas. The Justice League try to hold their Christmas party at the same time that Solomon Grundy goes on a rampage but can they both pacify the fiend and maintain seasonal goodwill?


Green Arrow Chris Diamantopoulos
Plastic Man Dana Snyder
Flash Charlie Schlatter
Batman Kevin Conroy
Superman Jason J. Lewis
Wonder Woman Rachel Kimsey
Zatanna Lacey Chabert
Cameos by Stargirl, Cyborg, Martian Manhunter, Hawkman, Blue Beetle, Shazam, Vixen, Mister Terrific, Consantine, Supergirl, Red Tornado, Jason Blood, Doctor Fate, Doctor Light , Black Canary -
Solomon Grundy Fred Tatasciore
Keely Miller Lacey Chabert


At a Christmas festival in a snow-covered Metropolis park, six year-old Keely Miller is about to tell Santa that she wants a teddy bear. Suddenly, monstrous Solomon Grundy invades the proceedings pursued by two members of the Justice League. As Green Arrow attempts to shoot enough tranquilizer arrows to knock out Grundy, Plastic Man tries to slow him down but gets pushed aside. An exploding arrow blows the monster into the air so that he lands near Santa. Young Keely screams in terror as Grundy gets up, but Green Arrow now hits the static figure with sufficient tranquilizer to make him collapse. As Plastic Man is about to take Grundy back to his cell at S.T.A.R. Labs, Green Arrow reminds him to make his way to the League's Christmas party which he has organised but, when it becomes obvious that Plastic Man has forgotten, Green Arrow walks off in disgust.

At the Christmas party venue, everything is beautifully decorated and there is a turnout of more than twenty members, but the atmosphere is completely dead. Green Arrow runs in from the kitchen every now and again with party snacks but also keeps running to the front door to check for something outside which bemuses Flash. Wonder Woman and Zatanna have to explain that, although Green Arrow is anxious to make friends with Batman outside of 'work' and has invited him, the latter rarely turns out for Christmas parties. Flash decides to remedy this and rushes out at super-speed to return carrying Batman. The latter is not happy but Superman greets him and a shocked Green Arrow ushers him into the venue.

The front door opens again and Plastic Man announces himself but still has the groggy Solomon Grundy in tow. He explains that S.T.A.R. Labs were also having their party and didn't want to interrupt them, but Green Arrow is only piqued that the Labs have held their party on the same night as his. The superheroes start handing one another presents of dubious quality, and Superman ends up holding a small, cheap teddy bear. Grundy starts to eat the snacks and Batman warns Plastic Man to keep him under control, so the monster is made to sit down and watch television. As the news story of his attack on the Santa festival is shown, he hears young Keely say how she had been scared by him. Superman approaches and offers Grundy the teddy bear as a present and the sight of it stirs the monster to action. Knocking over the Christmas tree, he bursts through the wall and escapes into the cold. Superman suggests that Batman should deal with this but he has already seen his excuse for leaving and is in pursuit.

In a running battle through the snow, Batman is unable to stop the progress of Grundy. As the other League members arrive, Batman uses Plastic Man as a sled to intercept the fugitive. Green Arrow then realises where Grundy must be heading and sends Flash to collect something. As the other superheroes again catch up, Batman finally manages to wrestle the monster to the ground, but Green Arrow gets him to step away as Flash returns holding Keely Miller. Grundy kneels and apologises to the youngster for scaring her and offers her a present. The ecstatic Keely gets her teddy bear and, in front of a large Christmas tree and amongst the snow, lovingly hugs Solomon Grundy in gratitude while the Justice League all gather around.

But the mighty heroes soon feel the cold and decide to head off to the nearest party - the one at S.T.A.R. Labs. When the always cold Batman instructs that he is be invited to next year's party, Green Arrow takes this as the much sought-after approval and, overjoyed, runs after the other members to encourage them to return to his party. The Batplane is seen flying away across a full moon like Santa and his reindeer.

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  • The Professor Hamilton suspected of being the Santa at the STAR Labs party is an inventor usually associated with Superman, STAR Labs or other organizations in DC media.
  • The voice actor for Keely Miller was confirmed in a tweet by the voice director.