"Nuclear Family Values" is the sixth episode of the first season of Justice League Action. It is the overall sixth episode of the series.


With the rest of the league unavailable, it's up to Firestorm to stop a family of androids from destroying a nuclear power plant.


A nuclear power plant is attacked by a strange, seemingly human family other than that they can shoot green ray blasts from their hands. This starts a nuclear meltdown threatening to devastate half of the surrounding state. Batman calls on other members of the Justice League for help but they are all too far away to assist except for an untried, teenage superhero called Firestorm who can manipulate matter at the atomic level. Firestorm originated in a nuclear event at this very same plant.

When Firestorm arrives in the reactor room and meets the family, they are in the shadows but have furnished the place in a style suggesting that they are an all-American family from the 1950s and introduce themselves as the Nuclear Family. When they step into the light they are seen to be partly metallic androids and when the young girl attacks him with green rays, Firestorm is blasted outside into the toxic waste dump where he unwittingly causes an explosion that knocks him out.

While unconscious the Professor (in his mind's eye) relates to him how the Family were used to test the effects of nuclear weapons tests until they absorbed the blast energy and developed a will of their own and escaped. When Firestorm wakes he has been captured and suspended over the core and listens while the Family tells him that they intend to settle down in a nuclear wasteland they can call their own once they overload the core.

Firestorm frees himself and engages in combat with the family, absorbing their energy blasts and turning them against them. When the dad is unable to finish Firestorm by pressing him down into the core, the latter uses the core's energy to form the water into giant hands that grip the family so that he can miniaturise them into a glass vessel where they can live their radioactive lives as desired.

The Justice League finally arrive and grant membership to Firestorm.

Appearing in “Nuclear Family Values”

Featured Characters

  • Firestorm (First Appearance) (Joining the Team)


  • Nuclear Family (First Appearance)
    • Dad (First Appearance)
    • Mom (First Appearance)
    • Biff (First Appearance)
    • Sis (First Appearance)
    • Brat (First Appearance)
    • Dog (First Appearance)


P. J. Byrne - Ronnie Raymond

Kevin Conroy - Batman

Melissa Disney - Mom, Brat

Rachel Kimsey - Wonder Woman, Sis

Jason J. Lewis - Superman, Biff

Kevin Shinick - Dad

Stephen Tobolowsky - Dr. Martin Stein



Cultural References

  • The title of the episode is a reference to the term "family values".
  • When Firestorm defeats the Nuclear Family, Rodan's iconic screech can be heard during the explosion.




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