An alien super-villain, and tyrannical ruler of the planet Warworld.


Mongul is seen as giant in stature with broad shoulders and thick, stocky limbs. His yellow face, with dark eyes and red pupils, has crudely sculpted features including a broad, heavy jaw and wide mouth. He wears a costume that has metallic attachments and is purple on the chest and arms, black on the legs, and has a black 'skull' emblem across the chest. There are big, clunking boots on his feet. Speaking in simple, abbreviated sentences and a deep, gruff voice, he is dictatorial in tone, intolerant, and bad natured. Mongul tells us that he is the emperor of the planet Warworld and, although his intentions are never stated, he is presumably a militaristic conqueror of other worlds.

He is violent, and his strength and resilience are similar to those of Superman whom he can knock unconscious, and he can brandish a large mace in combat. Mongul is supported by a large army of similar-looking followers who are armed with medieval-like clubs and axes.


They are not as formidable as their leader as Wonder Woman demonstrates when she beats a crowd of them. This army is transported in a roomy spaceship that contains an amphitheater for their entertainment and Mongul shows a concern to keep them humored.

He knows Superman and has a deep dislike of him.


8. Galaxy Jest




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