A superhero, and member of the Justice League.


Mister Terrific is seen as being as tall, slim, and lithe with colored skin and short black hair cut flat on top. His costume is predominantly black with yellow markings and includes a waist-length jacket that is always open. By his own admission he is "the third smartest person in the world" and has doctorates in engineering, physics, law, psychology, chemistry, and mathematics so it is not surprising that he is egotistical and self praising but he is still good-humored. He speaks with a Black American accent. On one occasion we hear him say, "Time to T-up!" as though it is his trademark cry.

He is an Olympic-level athlete and master martial artist but any powers that he has come from the technology that he creates using his intellect. The T-Spheres are his invention and each is about the size of a soccer ball but they are not well explained. They are numerous and Mister Terrific usually has at least four of them floating in the air around him, and appears to control them by just thinking though he occasionally talks to them.


In one story, one of them flattens to form the 'T' mask that goes across the superhero's face. Because he is such a superb athlete he can fly through the air just by balancing on one or two T-Spheres, and each has a 'T' design on their front side from which they can project green light constructs to grip and carry a victim, project a bubble to hold a captive, or just shoot ray blasts.


We are also told that they can "hack into any system" which includes the one that is Firestorm and is achieved by projecting light beams. They are also said to emit tachyons (faster-than-light particles) which can be used to locate the spheres.

Mister Terrific's real name is Dr. Michael Holt and when he was at at college as a 14-year-old prodigy he was known to a young Professor Stein.


34. The Cube Root
39. The Brain Buster
46. Party Animal (cameo)




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