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Mister Miracle is an alien 'pseudo-god' and former chosen successor to Darkseid.


Mister Miracle is an adopted son of Darkseid (he is called Scott or Scotty) and a potential ruler of Apokolips, which he says is his "hometown planet", but has chosen to flee to Earth where he earns his living as a stage magician. He wears a red superhero costume with yellow pants and face mask and also has green gloves, boots, belt, and cape with raised collar. He is well-built and athletic, describes himself as a "master of escape" and acts like a showman, shouting out his name to encourage applause and adulation.

He carries a small spherical device, which is probably technology from Apokolips, and it is able to store the part of the Anti-Life Equation that he has stolen from Darkseid. It can also create a smokescreen or lighting effects to enable him to escape from awkward situations. As he is an escapologist, Batman is unable to keep him tied down and he is able to employ sleight of hand to steal things.

He tells Darkseid that he has left Apokolips because of favoritism shown to Kalibak but shows that his concerns about the plan to rule the universe using the Anti-Life Equation are a more likely reason. Mister Miracle is the boyfriend of Big Barda, but she is suspicious of his sincerity. He is prepared to join with Batman to save her from abduction but he does not appear to be a member of the Justice League.


43. It'll Take a Miracle