An alien super-villain, and enemy of the Justice League.


Mister Mind is a "ruthless, evil intergalactic villain" but has the form of a small caterpillar-like worm with a black back, light green belly, and dark green sides with red spots. He has a face with two large eyes (over which he wears spectacles), a mouth with a toothy smile, and two black antennae on top of his head. Across his chest he has a box through which he speaks with a slightly tinny voice in a condescending manner.

In his stories he is seen either in outer space or on another planet but his place of origin is never stated. In one story, Mister Mind uses robot and other technology to capture notable super-heroes and -villains to select one of them to transfer his brain into to take advantage of their superior intelligence. In another story, Mister Mind is a captive and says he has taken a loan from gangster Boss Kack to fund his latest conquest, and Superman adds that he is an intergalactic terrorist found guilty by the Galactic Court, but exactly what he has done is never elaborated upon. At no time is he definitely seen to have telepathic powers as elsewhere.

As he is a worm, Mister Mind can regenerate his body if it has been torn in pieces.


5. Follow that Space Cab!
39. The Brain Buster




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