"Missing the Mark" is the fourteenth Justice League Action short.

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Famous actor Mark Hamill is abducted by the Joker and the Trickster, but Hamill uses his talent as a voice actor to mimic their voices to cause them to drive to a patch of green where Swamp Thing stops the two criminals and frees their hostage.

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Justice League Action - Missing the Mark - DC Kids

Justice League Action - Missing the Mark - DC Kids

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  • The Trickster mentions both Star Wars & Corvette Summer, films in which Hamill had a starring role. Corvette Summer was Mark Hamill's first movie after his big break in Star Wars.
  • "I loved that seventies classic about a young lad that fights the impossible odds to fulfill his destiny...what is that called...Oh yeah! Corvette Summer!"
    The Trickster on his nostalgia.
  • "What's a voice actor?"
    The Joker.
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