"Missing the Mark" is the fourteenth Justice League Action short.

Synopsis Edit

Famous actor Mark Hamill is abducted by the Joker and the Trickster, but Hamill uses his talent as a voice actor to mimic their voices to cause them to drive to a patch of green where Swamp Thing stops the two criminals and frees their hostage. After Swamp Thing tells how Mark Hamill tricked them by using his talents, the Joker incredulously asks, “What’s a voice actor?”

Cast Edit


"I loved that seventies classic about a young lad that fights the impossible odds to fulfill his destiny...what is that called...Oh yeah! Corvette Summer!"
-The Trickster on his nostalgia.
"What's a voice actor?"The Joker.


Cultural referencesEdit

  • The Trickster mentions both Star Wars & Corvette Summer, films in which Hamill had a starring role. Corvette Summer was Mark Hamill's first movie after his big break in Star Wars.
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