A Martian superhero, and member of the Justice League.


The Martian Manhunter has a humanoid shape and is of medium height with green skin and an elongated head with large, red, typically-alien eyes underneath a prominent brow ridge. This version of him is unusually skinny. He wears the usual blue cape, red belt, and crossed red straps across the chest, but has tight, blue full-length pants with long, black boots. He is softly spoken and practises telling jokes but, because he is naive about human culture, has to ask if they were funny.

He has a wide range of super-powers which include flight and super-strength, and it is implied that his strength is comparable to that of Superman or Shazam. It is not clear to what extent he is invulnerable. Martian Manhunter also has more unique abilities as he is a shape-shifter and can adopt the form of various alien monsters - presumably Martian ones. These are used to overwhelm opponents in combat.


Perhaps related to this power are his abilities to become intangible - so that he can pass through solid objects - and to fade away to invisibility and back again.


Martian Manhunter also has powers of the mind which enable him to both read and control the minds of others, and it is implied that this is even effective against Superman. However, a major flaw in this impressive array of powers is his susceptibility to common fire which can render him incapacitated if he comes too close to it.

We are not told anything of Martian Manhunter's origin on Mars or how he came to be on Earth.


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  • This character can be known as J'onn J'onzz (pronounced "John Jones") but it is not used in this show. 'Martian Manhunter' was originally just an epithet like Caped Crusader or Man of Steel.


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