"Luthor in Paradise" is the sixteenth episode of Justice League Action.


Lex Luthor seizes the staff of the queen of the Amazons to use it to locate a magical object that will transform him into the god Zeus, but the Justice League are hot on his trail.


Wonder WomanRachel Kimsey
BatmanKevin Conroy
SupermanJason J. Lewis
Lex LuthorJames Woods
CirceLaura Post
HippolytaJulianne Grossman


On Paradise Island, in her throne room, Queen Hippolyta is paid a hostile visit by Lex Luthor in his battle suit. He blasts her guards away and demands that she hand over the Occulus of the Argo which can grant a mortal the powers of the god Zeus. She refuses but lets slip that her staff will point the way to the Occulus. She uses the staff to blast Luthor, but he responds by trapping her under a pile of rubble. As he moves in, Wonder Woman unexpectedly intervenes and knocks him away.

Luthor trumps this by calling in his ally, the sorceress Circe, who blasts Wonder Woman out into the courtyard where she becomes squeezed between two giant stone hands. Hippolyta cannot free her but will not bargain for Wonder Woman's life in return for the staff. Luthor and Circe take it by force anyway, open a portal to the Fallen Realm (where the Occulus is) and enter. Belatedly, Batman and Superman arrive and extricate Wonder Woman from the giant hands. Hippolyta is then able to conjure up another portal, and the three superheroes enter.

The Fallen Realm has the appearance of fragments of landscape floating in space. Luthor and Circe arrive on a fragment with a temple inside of which is the Occulus (a yellow disc). Luthor drapes it across his chest and transforms into an image of the god Zeus, complete with long hair and beard.

The Justice League arrive, fly through the space and appear in the temple where they challenge the two villains. They are not able to subdue the new Zeus-Luthor who has the powers of a god. Circe then makes them begin to turn into trees, intending to leave them there as an example. But the superheroes are still sufficiently free to blow Circe away and get Wonder Woman's lasso into her hand which she uses to ensnare Zeus-Luthor. He then blurts out that he intends to dispense with Circe after he conquers Olympus. The latter overhears, attacks Luthor, making the Occulus fall off, and unwisely frees the three superheroes.

The Justice League capture both of the villains and return to Paradise Island where they give the staff back to Hippolyta and hand over Circe. Batman, Superman and Luthor are ordered off the island. Well, they are men.


  • In the DVD release, this is episode 17 and comes between Field Trip and Plastic Man Saves the World.
  • This marks the second time James Woods has voiced a character with the power of a Greek god, as he previously voiced Hades in the 1997 film Hercules.


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