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A female reporter and a love interest for Superman.


Lois Lane is shown as a young, slim woman of medium height with tanned skin and black, medium-length hair. She wears a woman's office suit (with skirt) in shades of purple. As a person she is confident and determined to the point of throwing herself off a high building in the belief that Superman will always save her.

She has a job as a reporter (and tele-journalist) at the Daily Planet newspaper where she is the colleague of Clark Kent. She is usually dismissive towards him, calling him "Smallville" or just ignoring him altogether. It is obvious, however, that she has a strong attraction for Superman but, as he is merely polite in return and addresses her formally as "Miss Lane", it is also obvious that he does not have the same feelings for her.

Lois is good enough as an investigative journalist to recognise that Clark Kent is likely to be Superman.


38. Forget Me Not (cameo)
45. Race Against Crime
Short 15. Plastic Man of Steel



  • Superman's lack of interest in Lois and his romance with Wonder Woman shows the influence of the 'New 52' era (2011-2016) in the comics. The traditional relationship has since been restored.