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Lobo is a alien bounty hunter and an enemy of the Justice League.


Lobo is said to be a Czarnian (from the planet Czarnia) and is tall and muscular with the look of a stereotypical biker. His skin is extremely pale, his eyes are red without pupils, and his hair hangs down in long dreadlocks. He wears a short leather jacket, fingerless gloves, knee-length boots, and has a belt with a large image of a skull where the buckle would be. Speaking with a strong but hoarse voice, he is cynical, amoral, and self-centered, referring to himself as "The Main Man" and showing a reluctance to cooperate with others. As a bounty hunter, he will pursue victims for the reward regardless of whether they are good or bad.

He is extremely strong and can take a great deal of punishment in a fight, even being able to survive blows from Superman and the mace of Hawkman. Lobo gives as good as he gets though, sometimes by playing dirty. In combat he can make use of a pair of blasters but his distinctive weapon is a long heavy chain ending in a heavy hook which he twirls over his head before swinging it at an opponent. It is probably stored in his jacket from where he can also pull a 'negative ion grenade' used to disable a vehicle. Other specialist weapons intended to deal with Superman are a red sun ray blaster and a kryptonite ray gun.

Lobo's only form of transport is his rocket-powered bike that he calls his "space hog", which comes to him when he whistles and about which he frets if it gets scratched.


He can breathe in space not only when he is on it but also when he is not near it and can use his chain to stay attached to the bike if he falls off.


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  • This incarnation of Lobo has a similar voice pattern and speech to, respectively, several wrestlers, such as: "Macho Man", Randy Savage and Hulk Hogan.