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A list of the characters who provide the opposition for the Justice League in this show.


These super-villains can be seen to fall into two groups: those that are powerful enough to represent a global threat that requires a team response from the Justice League, and those that are a less powerful local threat that a single superhero (like Batman) would normally handle but are here supported by extra superheroes that happen to be members of the League.

The following list groups villains together with their traditional superhero foes. These associations are rarely mentioned in the show but are used here to help locate familiar adversaries. The category page offers an alternative A-to-Z ordering: Category:Villains.


Batman villains

Superman villains

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Justice League villains

New Gods



In the opening titles there are blurry images of three super-villains who do not otherwise appear in the episodes. They are Captain Cold, Reverse-Flash and Doctor Light (the other one). All other images of villains in the opening titles can be assigned to characters listed on this page.


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