A major super-villain, and an enemy of Superman.


Lex Luthor is the most frequently seen villain in the show. He is shown as a mature, tall, well built adult with a slightly tanned complexion and a distinctive bald head. In his character, he is talkative with a good sense of humor but has a pathological desire to destroy Superman and other superheroes. He can work with other villains (Joker, Circe, Chronos) but is a treacherous partner and can have pangs of conscience which will turn him against them. He has a brilliant technological mind and uses it to develop the weapons needed to deal with his enemies but, although he must have financial resources, we are never shown him in charge of a company - i.e. LexCorp. Indeed, he is frequently seen to be in jail.

In combat, he usually wears a battle suit that covers the whole body but leaves his head uncovered. The suit is made from hard, smooth plates that appear to be impenetrable to weapons and super-powers and it can give out a blast to knock over opponents. It also provides Luthor's ability to fly which is made possible by the jets that shoot from the soles of his boots.


He uses weapons at least partly created by himself but often making use of stolen technology (S.T.A.R. Labs is a favorite source). These are often intended to bring down Superman and can take the form of a kryptonite gun or microscopic machines (nano-bots) to infect him.

Luthor's main weakness seems to be his misguided belief in his own superiority.


12. Repulse!
16. Luthor in Paradise
21. Inside Job
33. Best Day Ever
36. Superman Red vs. Superman Blue
39. The Brain Buster
45. Race Against Crime
Short 5. It's a Trap!
Short 15. Plastic Man of Steel



  • Lex Luthor usually wears green and purple armor. This version wears gold and black and also has a variety of different suits.


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