"This should contain enough fire power to launch "big blue" into the black!"
— Luthor in Repulse!

Lex Luthor is a powerful businessman and the archenemy of Superman. He is voiced by James Woods.



Amassing great wealth, founding his own tech company and establishing connections to the criminal underworld of Metropolis Lex Luthor became the citys most powerful man. Luthor uses his power for selfish intent and to further his greed and ambition, until the coming of Superman who constantly thwarts his plan. Driven by revenge and hatred of the alien fool Luthor has dedicated his intellect and resources to destroying Superman once and for all.



Lex Luthor is an arrogant, baleful, narcissistic, villainous man whose greatest goal is to destroy Superman once and for all. A brilliant mind with a businessman mindset and a few billion dollars worth in wherewithal, Luthor often uses these skills and resources for any number of his criminal endeavors, mainly in taking over the world or eliminating Superman.

Powers, Skills, and Abilities,

  • Genius Level Intelligence: Lex’s greatest asset is his astounding genius level intellect, giving him a photographic memory, astounding technology engineering, understanding alien technology as well as business and political knowledge.
  • Near-Inexhaustible Wealth: Another one of Lex's greatest assets is his nearly limitless financial and technological resources.




  • Kryptonite:
  • Sunstone


  • High-Tech Armoured Warsuit: Lex has a specialized high tech suit Luthor has metallic body armour that is so strong, it can take blows from Superman, Amazons and Wonder Woman. The suit is powered by a kryptonite power cell that gives the suit the ability to fire kryptonite blasts.
  • Advanced Technologies: Lex has created many technologies ranging from nano machines which can destroy a black hole to powerful explosives harnessing the speed and time manipulating powers of the Speed Force.


Lex Luthor usually wears green and purple armor, this version wears good and black (and a variety of different suits)

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