A magical super-villain, and enemy of the Justice League.


Klarion the Witch Boy is shown as a slim boy in his mid-to-late teens with pale skin and with his black hair combed upwards at the sides like a devil's horns. He is smartly dressed in a jacket with long tails, white shirt with tie, knee breeches, stockings, and shoes with large buckles - this is possibly the uniform from a posh school. He is precocious and well-spoken but has a haughty meanness in his character.

He is a very accomplished sorcerer who can change his appearance at any time and can surprise the magical members of the Justice League (including the powerful Doctor Fate), turning them into naive ten-year olds. Constantine can only match him by resorting to fisticuffs. Klarion seeks to establish his magical dominance by acquiring arcane artifacts like the Magdeleine Grimoire (a book) or the Helmet of Fate.

Klarion is always accompanied by his shape-shifting cat, Teekl, and it is very loyal and protective.


13. Trick or Threat
30. Supernatural Adventures in Babysitting



  • This is Klarion's third appearance in a DC animation show. His previous appearances were in The New Batman Adventures and Young Justice.
  • Originally, in the comics of the early 1970s, Klarion was an enemy of Etrigan the Demon.


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