Killer Frost is a female super-villain and enemy of Firestorm and the Justice League.


Killer Frost is seen to be a young, slim woman of medium height with blue skin and hair sticking up like a bunch of icicles. She wears a dark blue costume that is decorated with jagged ice across the shoulders and on the lower arms. She appears relaxed in manner but is treacherous and can be volatile.

We are told that she is the victim of a freak accident involving an exploding 'thermafrost' chamber. As a result, she has acquired the ability to convert heat into intense cold and can now make ice with her hands. This can be shot through the air in lumps like missiles or can completely encase an opponent. More substantially, she can create large ice structures like a ramp to break the fall of an aircraft to the ground. To travel at speed, she can skate on ice that she creates with her feet as she moves. She can be knocked out by a surprise electric shock.

Killer Frost naively attempts to form a team with her idol, the ruthless Mister Freeze, but he only exploits her abilities for his own ends. She herself is the target of the affections of Firestorm (with whom she is familiar) and he calls her "Frosty", but she just treats him as her dupe.


20. Freezer Burn



  • Even though her weakness is heat, some incarnations actually absorb heat to increase their strength.
  • Louise Lincoln (the second Killer Frost) originally shows affection for Firestorm, but he later switches this to Caitlin Snow.


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