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Template:Episode"Keeping up with the Kryptonians" is the fiftieth episode of the first season of Justice League Action. It is the overall fiftieth episode of the series.


Mr. Mxyzptlk alters reality so that Supergirl and Superman are impossibly aggressive and spoiled.


Wanting to prove that their wholesomeness was based on nurture and not nature, Mr. Mxyzptlk re-writes history so that Superman and Supergirls ships landed in Kasnia and Holywood respectively.

In the new reality Superman grows up to be an aggressive Warmonger, while Supergirl becomes a spoiled diva obssessed with being famous with a disguised Mxy acting as her manager.

Booster Gold, who was not effected by the change in the timeline manages to convince Superman of the truth. Not helped by how obvious Mr. Mxy is being in his disguise. Superman tricks the imp into saying his name backwards by speaking a phrase in what seems like Kasnian which the confused Mxy repeats. Setting everything back to normal.


Diedrich Bader - Booster Gold

Gilbert Gottfried - Mr. Mxyzptlk

Jason J. Lewis - Superman

Joanne Spracklen - Supergirl


Cultural Refernces

  • The Episode's title is a reference to the reality show Keeping Up with the Kardashians